High Quality

What does it mean to us?

Customer satisfaction is top priority. We want you to be happy with the products and the services you get from us. That’s why you rightly expect that quality is assured. With our comprehensive Risk Management System we’re pretty confident that we can indeed assure the quality. Continuous monitoring and documentation ensure that the quality is safeguarded throughout the entire business process. Food safety, compliance, superior specifications and full traceability are the key points of our quality policy.

Doens Food, Quality Assured

Our highly trained and qualified quality staff get involved at a very early stage of the procurement process. They examine the risks, lie down a strict set of specifications, establish a quality check procedure even prior to shipment from origin. Upon shipment and arrival, further extensive checks are performed and this goes on during storage. Consistently good quality is important. We don’t want to be surprised; we only want to surprise you with a more than satisfactory product. Outbound approvals are not done before having good inspection results from our own people.

And we also get help from specialized and accredited partners such as well-known laboratories. At all times and at every stage we know the (quality) status of the product and full traceability is assured. Sometimes (external) circumstances make it impossible to live up to perfection. That’s why we also want to be there for you in case you’re not entirely happy. That almost sounds like marriage, doesn’t it? In good times and in bad times…. But we take this seriously, you can count on us! That’s also in our nature.




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