The Doens philosophy

As pioneers in the food market, you can rely on us for high quality certified products. In addition to that we offer value-adding services such as cleaning, packing, mixing, milling, toasting and heat treatment. Of course you can expect a professional approach, but your relationship with us should contain other elements. We value a good relationship that goes beyond professionalism. It’s not only about business. There’s much more in life and that’s why we add ingredients such as fun and humor in the contacts with you as our customer. We believe that each customer deserves a unique approach. That’s the basis for challenging each other to become even more successful!

Corporate Responsibility

What does it mean?

The food industry unites each and every one together no matter where you fall within the supply chain. Ensuring growers, small businesses and families have affordable options for honest, healthy and natural food needs to be the rule, not the exception. Sustainability and Social Responsibility. Nowadays these terms are seen as popular buzz words for food marketers. Natural food is a term in food labeling and marketing with several definitions, often implying foods that are not manufactured by processing. At Doens, what we mean by the term 'Natural' is that our products are grown in a sustainable, honest and nature-friendly way. The United Nations introduced 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Being part of the ‘Natural’ food chain, we try to make our contribution to achieve these goals. That’s why we’re convinced that Natural can help us in being a real and tangible solution to the rising demand for “sustainability”. We try to do our bit in making this world a better place. This means being active in the Natural food chain and improving our behavior. It’s often the little things, but each step in the right direction helps us advance.

Passion for food and feed

What does it take?

Why are we working together with you day in day out? Don’t we all have the same objective, making natural food the standard? That’s why our vision is to contribute to a sustainable future where all people can enjoy healthy food. Everybody must be able to enjoy good and sustainable food and we try to do our bit in order to achieve that. What truly drives us all at Doens Food is our constant hunger to discover new possibilities in the natural food market. It's this hunger that continues to push Doens Food ahead of the competition. We act responsibly, share our passion and behave in our own unique way. It's in our nature!

Our vision is to contribute to a sustainable future where all people can enjoy healthy food



Our curious nature makes us see opportunities. We encourage the freedom and stimulate creativity to take chances, to be a pioneer. Thinking ahead helps us in finding te best solution.



Responsible for our customers, for our suppliers, for our colleagues, but also for the world and people around us. We bear the responsibility to use our sources in a sustainable way giving the opportunity to current and future generations to enjoy healthy and natural food.



We need to be passionate about what we do. Our work and our actions must inspire the people around us and make us and others even more enthusiastic about what we do and achieve.



We must relish and protect our uniqueness. Only with our own special DNA, only in our own particular way we achieve succes. Our unique sense of humor, our unique stubbornness and our unique relationship with the people around us make us Doens!




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